Great Military Battles

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There is a unique fascination in the study of great battles which surely derives from the sense that high issues can be decided by trivial incidents and that the margin between Victory and defeat is often very small. For this book Cyril Falls has brought together a team of eminent military historians whose task has been to describe twenty-seven of the most important battles fought during the three centuries from 1643 to 1944, from the Battle of Rocroi to the Battle of the Ardennes. The historical significance of each battle is discussed, its strategy and tactics explained .and its progress reconstructed with lively detail; the ways in which human ineptitude, heroism or petty rivalries influenced the outcome are revealed. At the end of the book, brief illustrated histories of fortifications, uniforms, tactics, artillery and small arms give an extra dimension to the subject. The brilliant illustrations - the contemporary paintings and engravings, the portraits, letters and diaries, the newspaper Cartoons - bring these great battles truly to life. Marlborough”s letter to his wife on the evening of the Battle of Blenheim, pencilled on the back of a tavern bill, and Montgomery”s notes for an address to his oflicers before the second Battle of Alamein have tremendous immediacy. But there are other pleasures too. The maps and battle-plans, all specially drawn for this book, illuminate the intricacies of strategy and tactics, while heroic paintings and the early photographs of Fenton and Brady make clear the real distinction between the ideal and actual in war.